International TCM Scholar Society - Xing Lin Yuan She

The less formal department of our institute is Xing Lin Yuan She - the International TCM Scholar Society.

Mission: to provide a place for TCM scholars to assemble and share knowledge.


  • to share TCM knowledge;
  • to create good Ren Qi (academic atmosphere);
  • to preserve classical TCM.

In order to:

  • improve TCM knowledge and skills of our members;
  • apply TCM to benefit human life and health.


Xing Lin Yuan She is a TCM Scholar Society, non-political and non-profit. We are also not another educational institute or another association. Our society is for those who want to know more about Real TCM and participate in meetings, but do not want to contribute as much as members of the TCM Classics Research Institute.



Our members are students, practitioners and teachers of TCM.
You have to be a member of Xing Lin Yuan She in order to participate.

We have the following types of members:

  • active members - people who like to share TCM knowledge, are willing to give presentations, actively participate in discussions, and who are dedicated to extend their TCM knowledge.
  • passive members - people who just want to attend the meetings.
  • honorary and guest - like for example TCM professors and masters.
  • sponsors - without whom this wouldn’t be possible.


Please do hesitate to contact us if you are interested.