Publications - Books - Articles

In the near future, our institute will publish a complete range of books and articles.

These books and articles support our mission in that they describe classical TCM knowledge for today's clinical application.

Currently we are working hard to finish several articles and books.
We will soon add a list of our publications to this page.

Further, books and lesson materials in ePub format will be added for use on tablets like the iPad.



Title/Subject Download
Rothenburg TCM Congress May 2014 article: Difference between REN-4 and REN-6. pdf
Bai Yun Temple Motto pdf
New Year Column: How Much TCM Do We Know ~Why do we have to study TCM classics?~ pdf
New Year Article: The Benefits of Studying TCM Classics. html

A selection of columns of prof. dr. Li Jie which were published in several magazines.
These columns cover difficult questions asked to prof. dr. Li Jie by practitioners and students.

Title/Subject Download
Why does the Zú Yángmíng Stomach meridian as only yáng meridian pass over the abdomen and chest? pdf
What is the difference between Wŭ Xíng – the Five Motions, and Wŭ Cái – the Five Elements? pdf

Why does Zú Tài Yīn Pí Jīng (Spleen Meridian) has a Zú Tài Yīn Luò Mài and the Spleen Dà Luò (Great Luo vessel)?

What is the role of Heart-Emperor and Gallbladder-Judge concerning Shén and Emotions? pdf