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On this page you can find free handouts, summaries, etc. that hopefully can assist you in your study of the classic Chinese medical texts.
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  • Huáng Dì Nèi Jīng related articles.
  • Shāng Hán Lùn related articles.
  • Q&A Articles on all kind of TCM subjects.

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All kind of general TCM related articles.

Bai Yun Temple Motto pdf


Miscellaneous Topics of TCM Classics

These questions were asked by practitioners and students and are all related to TCM classics.

The Three Levels of a TCM Practitioner from Huang Di Nei Jing, Nan Jing and Lin Gui Yao Lüe.
Quality Guidelines in Classical TCM series.


Huáng Dì Nèi Jīng

One of the four important classic texts of Chinese medicine. Every TCM student and practitioner should have a thorough understanding of the content of this book. However, that is not always easy. In order to assist the study of this classic text we have made our materials available.
In the table below you can find summaries of chapters of the Sù Wèn and Líng Shū. These are a valuable addition to the book The Yellow Emperor's Canon Internal Medicine of Nelson Liansheng Wu and Andrew Qi Wu.
We are currently updating them. On a regular basis we will add new summaries.

Sù Wèn Part

Chapter of Sù Wèn
Chapter 3 - Shēng Qì Tōng Tiān Lùn – On the Human Vital Energy Connecting with Nature pdf
Chapter 6 - Yīn Yáng Lí Hé Lùn – The discourse on the separation and reunion of Yín and Yáng. pdf
Chapter 8 - Líng Lán Mì Diăn Lùn – The Confidential Collections in the Royal Library about the Functions of the Twelve Viscera pdf
Chapter 9 - Liù Jié Zàng Xiàng Lùn – The Close Relation Between the Viscera in Human Body with the Environment of the Outside World pdf
Chapter 10 - Wŭ Zàng Shēng Chéng Piān – The Functions of the Five Viscera to Human Body and Their Mutual Relations pdf
Chapter 11 - Wŭ Zàng Bié Lùn – Further discourse of the five zang viscera pdf
Chapter 22 - Zàng Qí Fă Shí Lùn – On the Relation Between Energies of Five Viscera and the Four Seasons pdf
Chapter 23 - Xuān Míng Wŭ Qì – Expounding on the Energies of Five Viscera pdf
Chapter 24 - Xuè Qì Xíng Zhì – On Blood, Energy, Body and Spirit pdf
Chapter 29 - Tàiyīn Yángmíng Lùn – On the Relations Between the Superficies and Interior of Taiyin and Yangming Channels pdf
Chapter 31 - Rè Lùn – On Febrile Disease pdf
Chapter 60 - Gŭ Kōng Lùn – On the Cavity of the Bone pdf

Líng Shū Part

Chapter of Líng Shū
Chapter 8 - Bĕn Shén – The Diseases caused by Spiritual Activities pdf
Chapter 10 - Jīng Mài – On Channels pdf
Chapter 11 - Jīng Bié – The Branches of the Twelve Channels (Divergent) pdf
Chapter 13 - Jīng Jīn – The Tendons Distributed Along the Channels pdf
Chapter 15 - Wŭ Shí Yíng – The Fifty Cycles of the Channel-energy Circulation pdf
Chapter 16 - Yíng Qì – The Ying-energy pdf
Chapter 18 - Yíng Wèi Shēng Huì  – The Issue of Distribution and Operation of Ying-energy and Wei-energy pdf
Chapter 31 - Cháng Wèi – Intestine and Stomach pdf
Chapter 33 - Hăi Lùn – On the (four) seas pdf
Chapter 41 - Yīn Yáng Xì Rì Yuè – The Yin and Yang of Human Body Relate to Sun and Moon pdf
Chapter 44 - Shùn Qì Yī Rì Fēn Wéi Sì Shí – The Human Healthy Energy in the Day and Night Corresponds with the Energies of the Four Seasons pdf
Chapter 58 - Zéi Fēng – The Evil Wind pdf


Shāng Hán Lùn

Articles, summaries and schemas related to the study of the Shāng Hán Lùn.

Tài Yīn Disease (item 273, 276, 277, 278, 279) pdf


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