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About the Institute - About the Founders

The TCM Classics Research Institute (Qi Huang Yuan) is an independent research institute that has as its mission:

“To enable TCM students and practitioners throughout the world to learn from TCM classic texts and to apply the knowledge in these texts to modern clinical situations - to treat today's diseases.”

And Motto:

To Preserve the TCM Classics for Today’s Clinical Application.
You Make the Difference - We Provide the Knowledge.™
and of course, Classical TCM is Real TCM.™

Imperial College (Confucius Temple, Beijing)

We have three goals.
These are:

  1. to perform research on classic TCM texts and to apply their knowledge to modern clinical situations,
  2. to preserve classical TCM,
  3. to share classic TCM knowledge.

We do this by means of:

  • regular society meetings,
  • research projects,
  • seminars,
  • publications,
  • organizing academic level study trips to TCM masters in China,
  • international communication in the field of TCM,
  • joint venture with Chinese TCM Universities to train TCM Master and Ph.D. students.

We are an independent research institute and our only focus is Chinese classical medical texts.
We use our research to:

  • develop courses (lesson materials, presentations) for TCM educational institutes throughout the world,
  • give seminars about classical TCM topics,
  • give presentations at conferences about classic TCM topics,
  • write articles,
  • write books.

All with a common goal: it must be applicable for today's clinical application.

In order to ensure the quality of our research and products, we maintain intensive communication with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) and the Shandong University of TCM (SDUTCM) in Jinan (P.R. China).

The less formal part of our institute is Xing Lin Yuan She - the International TCM Scholar Society. For more information see the Society page.


About the Founders

Prof. dr. Li Jie

Prof. dr. Li Jie is founder and director of the TCM Classics Research Institute (TCMCRI) founded in 2007. Together with co-founder Kris Oosting he is active in realizing the institute's mission: “To enable TCM students and practitioners throughout the world to learn from TCM classical texts and to apply the knowledge in these texts to modern clinical situations.”
Since 2007, dr. Li Jie plays a leading role in the ‘international Master Degree TCM training program’ in collaboration with the Shandong TCM University in China.
Prof. dr. Li Jie is is also supervising the academic quality of the studies and research within the institute. Next to that he is also responsible for knowledge exchange with TCM universities in China.
dr. Li Jie

In 1989, dr. Li Jie finished his master training at the Beijing Medical University in China. He participated as a doctor in research concerning chemical induced liver diseases and the use of chinese herbs for the prevention of these diseases. In 1997, he finished his Ph.D. and post doctoral study with prof. Wendelaar Bonga from the Nijmegen University in The Netherlands.
Dr. Li Jie has published many scientific articles in the field of physiology, endocrinology, stress physiology and cell program death.

Since 1992, he is active in the development of TCM in The Netherlands. He is one of founders of the Qing-Bai TCM Academy and has been involved in TCM teaching and practice for more than 20 years.
Currently, he is an associate professor of the Shandong TCM University (Jinan, China), and the executive directorfor Europe and fellow of the Wang Xinlu Qi Lu School of Miscellaneous Diseases.
For more than ten years he has been an advanced lecturer for the Dutch General Practitioner (GP) Acupuncture Association (NAAV). Dr. Li Jie is lecturing internationally and is often asked as a speaker on conferences, such as the TCM congress in Rothenburg (Germany). At the moment he is involved in the development of international education of classical TCM and advanced TCM.

In 2003 dr. Li Jie received his professorship from prof. dr. Wang Xinlu president of the Shandong University for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jinan.
From 2008 till October 2010 he lectured and guided a group of international TCM practitioners in the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lüe - two of the famous TCM classic texts. In October 2010 all eleven participants passed the exam at the Shandong University of TCM. A major milestone in TCM in the West.

On May 31st 2011 prof. dr. Li Jie was invited to give a guest lecture at the prestigious Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). This was received very well, and will be repeated in the future.
September 2011, prof. dr. Li Jie presents at a TCM Congress in Rumania.
October 2011 till today, as an ambassador of TCM he is invited by many groups of medical professionals to lecture. For example, a course on Classical Acupuncture Formulas for Modern Application in Poland, and at the University Clinic for Gynecology in Bonn (Germany), Switzerland and Denmark.

Prof. dr. Li Jie has been practising for more than 20 years in The Netherlands. In his practice dr. Li Jie has dealt with many different medical cases, such as:

  • Complex internal diseases. For example, heart diseases, lung diseases, digestive system diseases, diseases of the urinary system, diseases of hematological system, diseases of the endocrine system, metabolic diseases and diseases of the brain and nervous system.
  • Complementary treatment of cancer (chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery). For example, breast cancer.
  • Gynecological diseases, such as PMS, endometriosis, supporting treatment of IVF, infertility, etc.
  • Skin diseases, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • Stress and CFS.

Dr. Li Jie is currently practicing in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. For more information, please visit his website

Below: from left to right: prof dr. Wang Xinlu (at that time president of Shandong University of TCM and vice-president of the Chinese TCM Association) presents prof. dr. Li Jie with his professorship in 2007, a group of over 250 TCM students listening to prof. dr. Li Jie.

prof. dr. Wang
Master Group


Kris Oosting

Kris Oosting is the co-founder of the TCM Classics Research Institute. He is the academic assistant of prof. dr. Li Jie and responsible for the daily management of the institute.
Since 1997 Kris has been active in the field of TCM, starting to practise in 2003. Next to that he teaches TCM fundamentals, Chinese herbal medicine, and post-graduate courses at the Qing-Bai TCM Academy in The Netherlands.
At TCMCRI hes teaches Shang Han Lun, Jin Gui Yao Lüe and Huang Di Nei Jing. Furthermore Kris is active in designing and creating lesson materials for advanced TCM study, as well as doing research.

Prior to his TCM carreer, Kris was for more than 10 years technical director and senior consultant of a software development and training company. During the 18 years in IT Kris focused mainly on quality issues and assisting people in making new software development methods and techniques work.

This gave him the opportunity to teach and present all over the world at the top 500 companies. Kris has published many articles on measuring software quality and software develoment methodologies. He also was a contributing author of a book in the same field.

Kris is a TCM scholar who likes to transform complex issues into clear models and illustrations for educational purposes. Furthermore he is developing a Knowledge-Based System* for TCM diagnosis and treatment advice. This is one example of applying classical TCM knowledge to modern clinical situations.

Further, Kris is an active member and vice-chairman of ISO 249 TCM in the Netherlands: technical committee member, and expert member of ISO/TC 249 WG Health Informatics - Semantic Content and Informatics on TCM.
Member of the Expert Research Committee for Diagnosis and Treatment of theWorld Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (Beijing, P.R. China).

As a martial artist (jiu jitsu 3rd dan) for over 35 years, and he teaches taijiquan self-defense and qigong together with his wife in The Netherlands.
Kris Oosting is currently practising in Bussum, The Netherlands (since 2003). For more information, please visit (Dutch).

* a computer program that uses artificial intelligence, also called Expert System.